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Aggression Volleyball Club

Aggression Volleyball Club has been a staple in the community of Sycamore and surrounding towns for volleyball training and is entering into its 10th year in business! Aggression VBC continues to grow each year and this growth can be attributed to our rigorous training, experienced coaching staff, and genuine care of the players and parents in our organization.

Aggression is excited to train your daughters into the players they strive to become. We believe through high-repetition, positional skill training, and muscle specificity, we can facilitate the growth of each athlete toward improved ability, court awareness, and muscle responsiveness.

Aggression is a club that focuses on getting to know our athletes. Our highly-trained and experienced coaches use this personal touch to help get the most out of each athlete.  We strive for growth and while that is up to each athlete’s work ethic, we believe a coach’s guidance is paramount to achieve this goal.  Our primary goal has been - and will continue to be - our athlete's INDIVIDUAL progress; not the club's financial gain.  Having said this, you'll notice our club's prices are approximately HALF of what other larger clubs charge and yet Aggression still offers some of the best coaching around.  While this may be difficult to understand for our new athletes coming in, our returning athletes know this fact and come back to us year after year as we have what we believe to be the lowest turnover rate of any club around.  Simply put, your daughter will LOVE Aggression, and what's more, is we'll love having your daughter as part of our club!

We hope you give our club a try and become part of our club family.  If not, we wish you the absolute best in your club search.  :-)

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