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Select Club Program

(Girls & Boys 10U - 11U)




This will be our 15th season for the Select Program and teams will be built based on tryout numbers (skill) and space availability. This program is geared towards athletes who want to both learn and excel at the game of volleyball at a competitive level. The Select program will focus on the basics of the game through skill practice. A Select athlete can be an athlete who is brand new to volleyball or an athlete who has maybe already been playing for their school team as team levels per age group are determined by skill. A Select athlete is an athlete who wants the full club experience, but is still too young for an ELITE program that goes through the summer. Please note that unlike the ELITE program, most athletes in the Select program play other sports and this is completely welcomed and encouraged. While it's not ideal, a Select athlete may need to miss a practice from time-to-time but should be able to make most - if not all - tournament dates. If a Select athlete chooses to continue their season through June, they are welcome to register for our Spring season which many athletes choose to do. 


Who is the Select program for?

  • 10U thru 11U (4th grade - 5th grade)

  • Girls & Boys

  • Athletes who are new to volleyball and/or who would like to improve their game

  • Multi-sport athletes

  • Athletes wanting to compete in all local tournaments on weekends

  • Athletes looking to play at a competitive level

What does the season look like?

  • November thru March

  • Two (2) practices per week

  • 1.5 hours per practice

  • Up to 56 hours of practice

What about tournaments?

  • Up to 8-9 tournament dates

  • Competes in the Chicago Volleyball League (CVL) or a similar league

  • Up to 27 matches

  • Tournaments will be local and within approximately one hour of Sycamore

Do I have to buy a uniform package?


No! The full Aggression uniform package is included and there is nothing more to buy. The uniform package includes the following:

  • two (2) practice t-shirts

  • one (1) jersey

What about season discounts or fundraising opportunities?

  • Referral Program pays current athletes $50 for every new athlete that joins an Aggression club program

  • Sibling Discount is $50 for any club program

  • Raffle ticket fundraiser

    • Athletes are required to sell ten (10) raffle tickets by mid-January at $10/ticket. Any additional tickets the athlete sells will earn them $5 to be paid out at the end of the season as a check. For example, if an athlete sells 68 tickets, the athlete would receive $290 dollars (58 tickets x $5). This program has been used by several athletes to pay for their entire season.​

What else is included?

  • Team bonding events (dinners, non-volleyball activities, etc.)

  • Positional training for multiple positions (if applicable)

  • Make-up practices

  • Discounts on:

    • Returning athletes

    • Private lessons​

    • Clinics

    • Camps

What about cost?

  • $995 for Returning athletes

  • $1135 for New athletes

  • $35 JVA membership to insure each athlete

Are payment plans available?

  • Payment plan for the Select program looks like:

    • $275 Commitment fee (typically done in July)

    • $475 due by Sept. 15th

    • Balance due by Nov. 15th

  • On an as-needed basis, payment plans can be altered as we'll do whatever we can to work with families

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