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Sycamore Park District  &
ACS Cornerstone




While Aggression is certainly not a "park district or school" program, we have always relied on our incredible partnerships with schools and park districts, along with other not-for-profit organizations. These amazing organizations allow Aggression to host our volleyball programs in their gyms at much lower rates that in turn give us the ability to keep our costs as affordable as possible for our families. Our relationships with the Sycamore Park District (SPD) and Aurora Cornerstone School (ACS) are two such examples. If it weren't for these special partnerships, Aggression would be a very different club.

We thank them for their continued support and look forward to a very long relationship with them for the future! If you are not familiar with the SPD or ACS, we heavily recommend you checking them out. Both are wonderful organizations with missions that align very well with our own.

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