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AVBC Private Sessions

What are "Private" Sessions?

Private sessions are opportunities for your daughter to get a larger share of a coach's attention during instruction.  On average, a club team is built of 11-12 players with one coach; however, a private session is just your daughter and the coach focusing on just her needs.  This focus does wonders to build the confidence of the athlete, skills, and to focus on eradicating negative habits and encouraging positive habits (such as footwork).


How much are privates?

Private sessions at Aggression is a huge perk of being a part of our club!  While many clubs charge upwards of $80/hour, we only charge $40.  Not only that, 100% of the funds go to either court costs of coaching payment, the club makes $0 on each private.  Our goal is to provide more opportunities for growth for each athlete at the most affordable cost possible.


Additionally, if you sign up with a friend or two the cost of that private goes down even more!  2 athletes signed up for one session is $35/hour and 3 athletes is just $30/hour.  So, you can either sign up with friends or you can sign up for just one slot in a time frame and hope that others sign up for the same time slot, bringing your cost down even more.  :-)  If you don't want anyone else there for your daughter's private, please sign up for all 3 slots in your time frame, thereby restricting anyone else from signing up with her.


Do Parents need to stay?

Yes, as a way to protect everyone involved we always want parental supervision.  Additionally, it's quite possible you as a parent can pick up coaching cues, help ball shag, and get to support your daughter as she works to improve.

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