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4-4 Club FAQs

2021/2022 Aggression Volleyball Club Information & FAQs


Our Mission

To focus on each of our athlete’s personal growth - as both athletes and young women - instead of the collective team’s win/loss column as we believe it’s only through an athlete’s individual growth that a team can realize it’s true potential.


Our Vision

To make club volleyball more accessible for ALL athletes regardless of previous training or financial standing while refusing to sacrifice quality or breadth of training.


Q: Where/When/How often are practices? 

Practices will begin the first week of December and will be held twice per week for either two hours (Regional) or two-and-a-half hours (National) each practice.  Times and days can only be determined AFTER tryouts are completed and teams are made. However, more than likely, all practices will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5-7 PM or 7-9 PM (for Regional; National will be a half-hour longer). Please note during the first two weeks of the season, athletes may be asked to move to a different team that is more beneficial for the individual athlete though this will be discussed with the family first.

Practices will be held exclusively in Sycamore at either one of the following locations:

  1. Sycamore Park District @ 480 South Airport Rd

  2. Sycamore Opportunity House @ 357 N. California St.

Please note there will be NO SCHEDULED PRACTICES the week of Winter Break or Spring Break.  That being said, each individual coach may decide to offer practice during this time at the Opportunity House.  Also, private lessons will be available for any athletes interested.


Q: What is the difference between Aggression’s National & Regional Programs?

A Chart will be made available soon for you to view and will be posted right here..


Q: Are payment plans available?  Are there any discounts or fundraising available?

Yes! Dues may be paid in full - cash or check - or on the below payment schedule (if you need additional options, please let us know).  Please note the first payment is higher as most of a club’s costs need to be paid at the beginning of a season.  Please note the $100 commitment is applied to the first payment.  Also, note each athlete will need to pay a separate $25 fee to cover JVA insurance for the season.

  • Regional Plan:  $475 due by Nov 15th / $275 due by Jan 1st / Balance due by Feb 1st

  • National Plan:  $675 due by Nov 15th / $375 due by Jan 1st / $375 due by Feb 1st / $375 due by Mar 1st / Balance due by Apr 1st

As for discounts and fundraising opportunities?  Absolutely!  

  • We offer a discounted rate for any returning member coming back from the PREVIOUS season (returning members may not receive the same Aggression uniform package, however). 

  • We also offer a $50 referral credit for any new members referred to the club. If you have a sibling signing up for the first time, we will apply a $50 credit to the older, still current sibling’s dues (please note a sibling new to the club, does not qualify for the returning member discount). 

  • Lastly, we will be offering a fundraiser in the way of selling raffle tickets. Each athlete will be required to sell 10 raffle tickets for $10/ea. Any additional raffle tickets sold over the required 10, will earn the athlete $5/per ticket (ie: an athlete sells an additional 40 tickets she would receive $200 cash!).  If the athlete would prefer to opt-out of the raffle, they would need to buy the mandatory ten tickets ($100) themselves.

*Please note that while we’re a small club, these dues and raffles are how we keep the club going year-over-year.  If dues are late, we will give one courtesy reminder before we ask that your daughter sit out of a practice/tournament.  Thank you for understanding as having a healthy athlete sit out is never something we want to have happened.  If there are special circumstances, be sure to communicate with us.  We understand.

Q: JVA vs. USAV Membership; what does this mean for us?

In years past, Aggression has always been a USAV-affiliated club.  In a nutshell, what this meant is that each athlete needed to be a member of USAV and provide their own insurance (about $60 paid to USAV).  It also meant we were in the Windy City Power League which would have tournaments anywhere between an hour and two-and-a-half hours away from Sycamore.  Because of the ever-increasing distances, we decided to make the switch to JVA.  What this means for you is better competition, closer tournaments (all are located between 30 mins to 60 mins from Sycamore), and a less-expensive membership; $25 vs. almost $60.  In fact, no longer will you need to individually register for your insurance; Aggression will do this on your behalf.  Also, whereas the $60 membership fee was always paid directly from the families to USAV, JVA is different in that it requires the club to pay one upfront fee for each team and then recoup those fees later (this was the reason we had always opted for USAV in the past).  So, ultimately, instead of paying $60 to USAV, this year Aggression will be asking for $25 (cash or check) from each club athlete so that way we are able to insure each athlete properly.  This $25 is in addition to the club dues as it covers athlete’s insurance and goes to JVA and their fees.


Q: Are there additional fees that will need to be paid? 

There are NO additional fees owed directly to Aggression VBC whatsoever for Regional or Extended teams.  As stated above, though, each athlete will need to give Aggression a $25 payment - added to your first club dues payment - so that we can buy insurance for your daughter through JVA.  Your daughter will NO LONGER need the $60 USAV membership and will NO LONGER need to register with USAV!

Also, there may be an optional tournament offered to each team (TBD; in the past it has been Diggin’ in the Dells).  This is a fun, end-of-the-year tournament our families have always enjoyed.  This tournament is completely optional and will be up to each team as to whether they go or not.  This tournament is NOT included in your dues.  

Q: Is equipment returned at the end of the season? 

All equipment - save for the jersey - is the athlete’s to keep.  Each Regional athlete will receive a tryout t-shirt, a practice t-shirt, and an Aggression volleyball (returning Regional athletes will not receive the ball, but will receive the other items).  National athletes - regardless of whether they are returning or new - will receive a tryout t-shirt, two practice t-shirts, a National warm-up top, an Aggression backpack, and Aggression volleyball.  If a jersey is NOT returned at the end of the season, we’ll ask for a $40 dollar payment so we can replace it.


Q: When and where are matches and tournaments played? How many are there?  How long do they run? 

Aggression will be competing in the Chicago Volleyball League (CVL).  Tournaments for this league are held on Saturdays & Sundays around the Chicagoland area. Tournaments last around 6 hours. Teams play at least three (3) matches each tournament.

Teams will play a warm-up tournament in December (date TBA) to prepare the athletes for the CVL beginning in January.  Teams may also play additional one-day tournaments throughout the season based on availability and schedule.  Lastly, as mentioned above, teams will be invited to play an end-of-the-season tournament called “Diggin’ in the Dells” in April (see dates below). This tournament is the only tournament not included in your club dues as it is completely voluntary and is up to each team as to whether or not they’d like to go.

In addition to the above, National teams will ALSO compete in two different national events along with additional one-day tournaments.  These events are TBA while we continue to research the best events JVA has to offer.


Q: What is Aggression's policy on parent involvement? 

Our coaches strive to be positive and supportive with their teams and as a result of this, we always want athletes talking to the coaches about any concerns they have before parents do.  Coaches will follow up with parents after they’ve had these talks with the athletes to keep you informed.  In the very rare instance, the concern is not rectified, then a parent meeting can be requested and scheduled.


Q: What is Aggression's philosophy on playing time? 

While your daughter is guaranteed equal opportunity at practices to grow and develop, tournament playing time is based on what the coach observes at practice. We believe playing time is earned, not given. Playing time is determined by the coach based on several criteria including attendance, practice, attitude, performance, and skill. Aggression is a competitive volleyball club and the teams are administered in this way.  Our Aggression coaches have the final say on playing time as they know their team and their athletes best.


Q: When will I know if I was accepted into Aggression's club program and what team I made?

Most team rosters will be finalized soon after the final tryout date. Athletes either not interested or not selected to play on a national team will be given the option to play for a Regional team; this option will be discussed with the athlete and parent(s) during or shortly after the last tryout.

*Please note that adjustments to rosters can and will be made during the first two weeks of practice. 


Q: How many players are on each team?

While we prefer to keep each team at ten (10) to eleven (11) athletes, we have a ‘hard cap’ of 12 athletes per team: any more than this, and we believe teams suffer. However, please note, while we will only allow a maximum of twelve (12) athletes per team, there are times when athletes will need to make up a practice date or will be on a ‘practice squad’ that may increase that number during some practices. This will NEVER happen during competition, however.


Q: Does Aggression offer refunds or prorated amounts? 

We are happy to issue refunds PRIOR to the 1st practice for any dues pre-paid, save for the initial $100 commitment if applicable. After the 1st practice, we are unable to offer any refunds or prorated club dues.  Please note that if you decide to commit to Aggression and your daughter is not placed on a team, we will of course refund you in full; including your $100 commitment. The commitment and subsequent $100 dollars is meant to ‘hold’ an athlete’s spot in the event there aren’t enough teams for all athletes.  The $100 dollars does not, however, guarantee an athlete membership and is non-refundable in the event the athlete is offered the opportunity to play.


Q: What about practice over holidays/Spring Break?

Aggression is a family-first club.  That being said, we think it’s healthy for the athlete to take breaks over Christmas, and Spring Break.  During these times, however, each coach can request additional practices.  Also during these times, Aggression will oftentimes host camps and private lessons just to keep each athlete moving and in playing shape.  These will be voluntary.