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4-4 Club FAQs

2020/2021 Aggression VBC Information & FAQs


Q: Where/When/How often are practices? 

Practices will be held exclusively at the Sycamore Park District @ 480 South Airport Rd.  

There will be three sessions offered:

  • Session #1 (9/8 thru 10/16)

  • Session #2 (10/20 thru 11/27)

  • Session #3 (12/1 thru 1/15; extended as there’s no practice on Christmas or New Year’s)

Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6:00 pm  - 8:00 pm.

Q: What can I expect from these six-week sessions?

To be clear this will NOT be your typical club experience.  The world has changed, and with it, Aggression has changed.  This year Aggression will be offering an entirely different program for our athletes; 4-0n-4 club volleyball.  4-on-4 volleyball is one of the fastest-growing programs in the volleyball community.  The 4-on-4 format allows our coaches to treat every single practice like a group private lesson.  This program will be geared exclusively toward the skill development of EVERY position for our athletes.  Each team will comprise of five to six athletes and will be coached by MULTIPLE Aggression coaches.  This will help the athletes learn different coaching styles and give our coaches the ability to really focus on coaching specific skills for each player.

Q: What about tournaments and competitions?

Simply put tournaments are not going to be an option for the foreseeable future.  This may change and we may offer tournaments for one of our sessions going forward, but for now, there will be no tournaments.  Instead, beginning the third week - after teams have been put together - Aggression will host an ‘inner-club power league’..  What this means is that a competition court will be designated for teams to compete with each other during their specified competition time slot.  One of the courts will be set-up for gameplay, while the other one will be set up for skill-specific training.  Coaches will monitor both courts, but the court hosting the 4 on 4 games will be self-officiated by the athletes.  Scores will be kept and recorded so that we will be able to determine rankings by the end of the session.  Awards will be given out to top performers.

Please note, however, this program is NOT about gameplay or competition.  This program will be designed around the training and development of the INDIVIDUAL athlete.

What does this mean for my daughter -


- Each athlete will be trained for every position on the court - extensively


- Teams will be put together by our Aggression coaching staff, but all teams will be trained by all coaches

- Each team will be made up of five-to-six athletes; and all athletes will receive equal playing time and training

- Practice time will be spent on skill training and individual player development, NOT team development (think of it as a group private lesson)

- Tournaments (assuming we can have them), will be in the "Lightning" format that way teams will always be as competitive as possible and will be self-officiated by the athletes (with Aggression coaches overseeing, of course)


Specifics -


- Three (3) six-week training sessions(the first one starting Sept. 8th)

- Two (2) practices per week on Tue/Fri; each practice is 2 hours

- Each training season is $285 (save $25/season if signing up for all three seasons, $75 total)


Simply put, this will be a very intense, player-first, skill development based, and FUN club experience.  Bottom line; if you want your daughter to become an all-around better player and athlete, all the while having a great time in a very unorthodox format, you'll want to register.  It's that simple :)


Q: When is the $285 due?  Are payment plans available?  Can I use my credit from last season?

Payments are due the first day of each session (Tuesday, Sept. 8th being the date for Session #1).  Payment can be made via cash, check (made out to Aggression VBC) or Venmo (username AggressionVBC).

If you need to do a payment plan, we’d be happy to talk to you about it.  Please send us an email at AggressionVBC@gmail.com

If you have a credit from last season, you can absolutely use it for this program! :)


***Please note, refunds will not be given per six-week session.  If the program is canceled due to governor, CDC guidelines or Sycamore PD changes (or the like) we cannot offer any refund as all of our money will have been spent in advance without a possibility of refund ourselves.  Of course, for families that pay up-front for more than one session, all future sessions paid for WILL be returned in full.


Q: Are there additional fees that will need to be paid? 

Just another great thing about our club! We have no hidden fees.  There are two fees that need to be paid, the dues for each session, and a nominal $20 insurance fee that you only need to pay one time, regardless of how many sessions you sign up to participate in.  As stated above, though, each athlete will need to give Aggression a $20 payment - added to your first club dues payment - so that we can buy insurance for your daughter through JVA.  This insurance will fully cover your daughter for any injury incurred at practice, so it’s well worth the money.  Your daughter will NO LONGER need the $60 USAV membership and will NO LONGER need to register with USAV!

Also, there may be an optional tournament offered to each team called Diggin’ In The Dells, circumstances permitting.  This is a fun, end of the year tournament our families have always enjoyed.  This tournament is completely optional and will be up to each team as to whether they go or not.  This tournament is NOT included in your dues.  Travel fees for Diggin’ in the Dells or any National tournaments - as they will most likely be held outside of Illinois (within driving distance and in the Midwest) - will be the athlete’s responsibility. 


Q: What is Aggression's policy on parent involvement? 

Our coaches strive to be positive and supportive with their teams and as a result of this, we always want athletes talking to the coaches about any concerns they have before parents do.  Coaches will follow up with parents after they’ve had these talks with the athletes to keep you informed.  If the concern is not rectified, then a parent meeting can be requested and scheduled.  For safety reasons, the Sycamore Park District will not allow parents to stay and watch practices; however, you will have the option to walk the above track for $2 where there is a great view to watch practices.  This fee is charged by the Sycamore Park District and is not affiliated with Aggression VBC.

Q: How many players are on each team?

All competition will be 4-4, but teams will be made up of 5-6 players.  Equal playing time is guaranteed as substitutions will occur at the service line.


All competition will be 4-4, but teams will be made up of 5-6 players.  Equal playing time is guaranteed as substitutions will occur at the service line.

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