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Raffle Overview

We know the financial toll club/travel sports can put on a family.  We also know that families always seem to do what is best for their own children.  So at Aggression not only do we keep the dues down from comparable clubs, but we also run a raffle drawing each year to assist in keeping them even lower.  Each athlete in the club is asked to sell 10 raffle tickets in lieu of paying more for their club experience.  We then offer athletes the option to sell additional raffle tickets, which allows them to earn more money towards their club dues.  So many athletes take advantage of this each year, and it's music to our ears to know we are offering a program to help athletes play the sport they love most.

2023 Raffle Ticket Information

We have cut off any athlete from selling raffle tickets at this time. and are in the process of tracking down certain athletes/families to turn their tickets into us so we may fairly run the drawing.  We have been in communication with the families and feel confident to move forward at this time!  Below is the information for the Drawing date and time.  For full transparency, we always draw the names in front of other Aggression teams.  We want people to win and are excited for those families, GOOD LUCK!

Raffle Drawing Information

Date:  6/18/2023

Location:  Sycamore Park District

Time:  6:50 pm

Teams Present:  14E, 13B, 14Y, 15Y, 13Y

***Athletes will draw the names!


See Below!

What do I do if I win?

We will contact you to let you know what you've won and how you would like us to get you the prize.  We try to make this as easy and seamless for our supporters and winners!


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