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Aggression Volleyball Club Programs

Club volleyball is a fantastic way to train various aspects of the game. Here at Aggression, we train skills, technique, footwork, mental fortitude and perseverance, leadership, teammate, failing forward, and success with grace. Athletes who choose to play club will all train equally in those categories. Members of this club do not need to possess anything more than the effort and desire to grow both in the game as well as in the intangibles in what it takes to become successful in future endeavors.

Elite Program (November - June)

This program is our highest level of training in terms of time commitment. Practices are twice a week for 2.5 hours of training each practice. The Elite program will also travel within the Midwest for a National qualifier tournament and end the season with a national championship tournament (location TBD). While multi-sport athletes are encouraged to be a part of this program, there is a stronger emphasis on attendance for practices and a much stronger emphasis on attendance for tournaments.

Premier Program (November -- March)

The premier program offers elite-level training yet remains more local in tournament play. Premier teams play within an hour's drive from Sycamore in nearly every instance and training is 2X/week for 2 hours each practice. The season begins in November and ends in March when the Chicago Volleyball League concludes. Up to this point, this program has been our most popular in terms of participation; however, the Elite program is quickly gaining steam.


Select Program (November -- March)


Our Select program is very similar to our Premier program, with the primary differences being: ages for this program are 10U - 12U, both boys and girls are welcom, and practices are 1.5 hours long instead of two hours. The other major difference is the lower cost allows for athletes to join Aggression at a younger age for a reduced price point as a way for parents and athletes to gauge their child's love for the game and passion for growth within it. This program is built with a strong focus on skill growth, leadership training, and learning to love this great game!

Spring Season (April - June)


This season has been created for one of two purposes:

  1. An athlete has too many scheduling conflicts to commit to a club program yet they really want to play club-level volleyball

  2. An athlete has played in our Select and/or Premier Program and would like to extend their season through Spring and continue playing. 

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